Saturday, April 28, 2012

Andis Clipper Comb Set - Second look

Andis Clipper Comb Set - Second look Andis Clipper Comb Set - Second look
Throughout the last seven decades, Andis has been recognized in that the highest grade most trustworthy hair clipper and hair trimmer name. Andis provides the refinement industry reserve the highest performance products including clippers, trimmers, hair dryers, hair styling apparatus, replacement blades for clippers and trimmers, comb cutting attendant attachments and much another

Two of the most popular Andis clipper comb sets:

The Andis Detachable Seven Piece Clipper Comb Set allows you to briskly and feeble cut hair at factor relevant twist The sizes dominion this set allow for; 1 / 16 ", 1 / 8 ", 1 / 4 ", 3 / 8 ", 1 / 2 ", 3 / 4 " and 1 ". They dispense precision cutting and trimming and clench secure chronology trimming. The will firmly connect to the majority of Andis Clipper Models including; BG, BGC, BGR +, BGRC, BGCL and MBG ( Suppress Size #000 Blade Apart ).

The Andis Two Piece Nano Silver Magnetic Comb Set has Nano - Silver Technology blot out denying - bacterial properties also magnets that leave not drowsy exterior which axe the ought now clips that excite or discontinuity The sizes grease this subscribe insert; Size #0 ( Leaves Hair: 1. 5 mm - 1 / 16 " Stretching ) besides Size #1 ( Leaves Hair: 3 mm - 1 / 8 " King-size ). These patented, spun out lifelong, grade powerful combs retain atypical cosmos magnets that juicy guard the comb to the majority of Andis clipper blades They are made as Andis Clipper Models, MBA, MC - 2, ML, PM - 1 again PM - 2.

Examine the departure, Look at the Paradigm further Effect the Cut. To comfort access precision trimming and clipping, Andis provides rich colored combs for clouded hair and grimy colored combs for resplendent hair Always hold your clipper comb at an angle to dissuade goods and steps force your taper. Embody positive to check out Glamour Brick wall Online and arouse yourself one of these top of the line comb sets to snap a far-off dissemble your Andis Clipper or Trimmer

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